Railcomplete at InnoTrans 2022

The benefits of RailCOMPLETE (R)

RailCOMPLETE® is an AutoCAD® plug-in for planning railway systems with a high level of detail. We combine the planning of control and safety technology, overhead lines, track systems, cable ducts, low-voltage systems and earthing in one tool. Since 2015, we have been working tirelessly and passionately to revolutionise the world of planning tools and deliver real added value to our customers. With RailCOMPLETE, we want to make our contribution to the modernisation of the rail industry, digital planning processes and the achievement of uniform standards in the European rail market.

We have come a long way in recent years and have continuously improved and expanded RailCOMPLETE. In the meantime, the tool has a range of functions that partially automate the planning process for control and safety technology and overhead contact line systems.

This has not gone undetected in the railway industry: Our first customer was the engineering service provider Norconsult AS in Norway, which is still Railcomplete AS’ largest customer. Since then, the companies Sweco and Multiconsult have joined. These three companies are leaders in overhead contact line planning in Norway. Norconsult is also a planning office in the field of control and safety technology for mainline railway.

Cooperations with SNCF, Deutsche Bahn and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. have already demonstrated the benefits of RailCOMPLETE far beyond the Norwegian borders.

InnoTrans is the world’s largest trade fair for transport technology. Every two years, Berlin becomes the meeting place for the industry to present innovations, to explore new trends and to exchange ideas.

Over the past few years, RailCOMPLETE has been continuously expanded and improved in terms of function, scope and user experience. We will present the results of our work and the possibilities in planning processes using RailCOMPLETE at two demo stands.

We will give an introduction to the tool and show how RailCOMPLETE can save time in the planning process, minimise errors and save personnel resources on the basis of concrete use cases.

RailCOMPLETE® launches version 2022.2: Improved 3D functionality and user experience

Since 2015, we at Railcomplete AS have been working tirelessly to make our vision for planning tools in the railway market come true: all relevant planning projects around the railway line, united in one tool. With our version update 2022.2 we have come one step closer to this goal.

The history of RailCOMPLETE is characterised by continuous improvements and extensions to our software – the tool already has a large number of functions that partially automate the planning process for control and safety technology and catenary systems. With the version update 2022.2, we are again improving the user experience and expanding our functions: Large models are accelerated and we introduce a new interface for the 3D representation of point objects and alignment objects.

3D graphics can be broken down into smaller parts and then parametrically reassembled to display an object in 3D.

An example of how this can look is shown below with a light pole, which at the same time provides a glimpse of the upcoming NO-BN-DNA-2022.a update:

Figure 1: Light pole expressed as 11 parametrically controlled parts

One patch – many possibilities

With RC version 2022.2, the possibilities for the users become more transparent and at the same time considerably expanded. In the new version, only those commands are displayed that are available for the respective license level of the user.

We have also added advanced settings for OffsetProfiles and a profile offset that moves the PVIs orthogonally to the source.

RailCOMPLETE 2022.2 and a detailed list of all function changes can be downloaded from www.railcomplete.com/rcdl.